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Life on Campus

Life on Campus

Medical education has been at the heart of The University of Hong Kong's history since our inception and the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine has been a leader in medical education and research throughout our 130+ years of history. We are proud to continue our tradition of pioneering achievement from our campus on Sassoon Road. We have trained thousands of healthcare practitioners and scientists, as well as many internationally renowned researchers and policy-makers. Today we look forward to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals and leaders.
Our campus on Sassoon Road is home to a vibrant and talented student body. Here, students are provided with a myriad of opportunities to develop their medical knowledge and skills, as well as their wider extracurricular interests.

At HKUMed there are many support systems in place - financial, facilities, advice and networks - to help students join various local and overseas learning programmes, including clinical attachments, exchanges, service trips and study tours, in addition to Enrichment Year. We strongly believe that this well-rounded experience is essential to both the personal and professional development of our students.

Group of students having a walk in Fan Pui Garden at medical campus.

You may apply to stay in one of the residential halls or colleges, which are situated on the main campus, Pokfulam Road, Lung Wah Street and Sassoon Road. These residences vary in style and character. Most of the study-bedrooms are shared by two students but there are also single rooms.

Two residences are under the Faculty’s management: the Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical Students (RMS), which accommodates 163 students in single rooms, and the Patrick Manson Student Residence (PMR), which accommodates 124 students in shared bedrooms. Senior medical students undergoing clinical training at Queen Mary Hospital are required to stay at RMS or PMR during specific specialty clerkships. These residences allow more medical and nursing students to be close to QMH for their clinical training.

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Our Student Ambassador programme aims to provide an opportunity for students to represent HKUMed at various events and platforms, meanwhile connecting them with other highly motivated individuals across different undergraduate programmes to network and collaborate with one another. 

The programme features various ambassador streams, each distinguished by its different areas of interests and expertise: some ambassadors may want to focus on connecting with prospective students, fostering a close mentor-mentee relationship with those who intend to pursue a career in the medical profession; while others may want to cultivate their creative prowess, curating social content for online platforms and virtually keeping in touch with all members of the HKUMed community.

Through the programme, we hope for our ambassadors to build a network of valued peers and colleagues, and above all strengthen interpersonal skills that may positively impact academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Students enjoy relaxing afternoons with the Dean and the decanal team to exchange ideas on teaching and learning, student welfare, curriculum structure, and the wider development of the Faculty.