17 Dec 2020

COVID-19 Research & Response Fund

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in late 2019, HKUMed experts have been on the frontlines of tackling the crisis. We are now appealing for help with the challenge by launching our COVID-19 Research & Response Fund. The fund will allow members of the public, businesses, and other organisations to donate funds directly to the HKUMed’s COVID-19 related efforts.

Our Efforts

As a global leader in infectious diseases research, HKUMed has been working tirelessly to increase scientific understanding of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. This has included research into clinical care, diagnostics and testing, outbreak modelling and prediction, vaccine development, and more. We’ve also actively worked to increase public awareness of effective precautions and worked with governmental, public, and private organisations to try to limit the outbreak around the world. Our research labs, clinical facilities, and hospitals are facing the strain, and our unyielding efforts have created a need for additional funding.

An Urgent Appeal

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation to the HKUMed COVID-19 Research & Response Fund. Your donation will go towards the following areas of need:

Clinical Treatment

HKUMed works with several hospitals and partnering clinics to provide testing and frontline care for those infected with COVID-19. This requires not just the expertise of our medical teams but a constant flow of resources and funding for equipment like masks, gloves, ventilators, medicine, and more.


Figuring out how the virus spreads both at the transmission and demographic levels. Laboratory testing, data science, and mathematical modelling generate insights into COVID-19 that can help us predict and prevent future outbreaks.


Studying the virus itself to allow us a deeper insight into how it replicates, transmits, and mutates. Virology provides insights that will help us stay ahead of the virus’ strains and be better prepared for mutations that may arise.

Vaccines & Drugs

Our work on developing a vaccine could be crucial to stopping the outbreak. It is therefore one of our primary focus points and destinations for funding. We also study and test drugs for effectiveness against the disease, and seek better treatment methods to reduce the mortality rate and create better recovery outcomes.

Knowledge Exchange

HKUMed is working ceaselessly on the specific challenges of COVID-19. The lessons we learn and technologies we develop will continue to contribute to the society and impact the world via outreach initiatives.

By supporting the HKUMed COVID-19 Research & Response Fund you are joining a global community of students, staff, doctors, researchers, alumni, friends, and family all of whom are doing their part to help combat the current pandemic. Thank you for doing your part too!

We appreciate any and all donations. For donations above HKD$500,000 please contact Ms Ada Leung at awyl@hku.hk.